Project Description

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Site water treatment and tank replacement program.

Client: Viva Energy Australia
Timeframe: 3 weeks
Value: $45, 000
Location: Yatala, Queensland


Enviropacific was engaged by Viva to undertake a Tank Replacement Program (TRP) at Coles Express Yatala, QLD.

Works involved removal and replacement of the former fuel system and included excavation of 3,500 tonnes of contaminated soil, with shallow groundwater encountered.

Enviropacific were able to provide significant cost and time savings over relying on vacuum tankers by installing a portable modular dewatering and treatment system. The system removed coarse and fine sediments, and stripped hydrocarbons from the impacted water by pumping through in-series activated carbon vessels. Waters were sampled pre and post treatment to ensure contaminants were removed to below discharge criteria for storm-water.

A total of 350kL of excavation water was treated through the system during the project, with the post treatment sample results showing concentrations of contaminants of concern below the laboratory levels of reporting


• Removal and destruction of seven underground storage tanks, oil-water separator, pipe-work and fuel canopy.
• Excavation and disposal of 3,500 tonnes of hydrocarbon contaminated soil for install of 2x 90kL & 1x 110kL new underground storage tanks, SPEL Puraceptor, new fuel, LPG and pollution control pipe-work.
• Construction of a new larger fuel area canopy.
• Onsite dewatering, treatment and disposal of 350kL of hydrocarbon impacted groundwater from the site excavations being discharged to off-site storm-water.