Project Description

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Remediation of drill cuttings storage dams.

Client: AGL
Timeframe: 3 months
Value: $700, 000
Location: Gloucester, NSW


Enviropacific were engaged by AGL to undertake the remediation of two drill cuttings storage dams at Gloucester, NSW.

The dams had been used for the storage of drill cuttings from coal seam gas investigation wells and due to the elevated salinity and ongoing irrigation trials no water could be discharged from the dams during the cuttings removal and separation process.

Enviropacific developed a methodology whereby the drill cuttings were removed from the dam via a small dredge and pumped through six dewatering bags to capture the drill cuttings. The bags were located within an engineered and bunded storage area so that all water released from the bags was captured in a sump and pumped directly back to the dam.


• Construction of an engineered/bunded storage area for the dewatering bags
• Construction of pipework from dredge to bags and a polymer dosing system to enhance settling time
• Dredging of drill cuttings from the dams to the dewatering bags
• Capture of water from dewatering bags and recirculation back to the dams
• Classification and offsite disposal of drill cuttings to a licensed landfill.