Project Description

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Astrolabe Park Stormwater Renewal.

Client:   Sydney Water Corporation
Timeframe:   80 Weeks
Value:   $16m
Location:   Pagewood, New South Wales


The two existing large storm water culverts under Astrolabe Park that direct storm water into Botany wetlands were deteriorating and in need of replacement. The system is designed so the storm water outlet runs into the wetland, which acts as a natural filter.

The site was used by Botany Council as landfill in the 1960s and 70s and low levels of contaminants are present on the site, so the project provided an ideal opportunity to not only replace the storm water pipes, but to create a sustainable and more efficient storm water system through remediation and wetland works.

Enviropacific were contracted to install 650 metres of 2.1 metre twin concrete pipeline to replace the damaged culvert, reconfigure the wetland, including ground improvement works, and to remediate areas affected by construction works. Sensitive environments being protected include Bolboschoenus and Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub. 


  •   650m of twin 2.1m diameter concrete pipeline
  •   Seal existing culvert to prevent future leaching
  •   Construction of the Wetland
  •   Site remediation
  •   Park upgrade including walking tracks and lookout